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There are no words to express the joy, the “joie de vivre” that Pin-up has experienced this year.  Our fans have catapulted us into such an amazing journey that was wrought with pleasurable pain – if that can really exist.   With all the joys there seems to be a counter balance of loss, looking back on 2008 we have lived through the passing of some of our most treasured beauty icons.  Most recently, Eartha Kitt, & Bettie Page, moved on to heaven’s Pin-up Palace. 

As a young girl, Eartha Kitt made her mark in our lives as we would run home to watch her on our rabbit-eared antenna decorated B&W television.  Wow was she just the absolute peak of perfection, her look, the signature rolling of the tongue and the catwoman outfit, sorry Julie Newmar and Halle – no one did it quite like Eartha.

Don’t want to stray OT but getting a little spiritual is the crux of who we are.  Do you often wonder what this life is all about, or your purpose in the scheme of humanity?  It seems that life’s intervals run short for some and well… I won’t go to the dark side.  I like to think that our life purpose can be even furthered continued somehow in our passing on to the next.

It is up to the living to continue to live, I said L-I-V-E.  T.I. & Rihanna in their latest hit say it best “Live your life” – don’t let it pass you by.  Dance in the rain, as I did the other day with my only son who is 4.  We didn’t get sick and we had an absolute B-L-A-S-T.  Be thankful for everything you have and everything that you do not have, and what I mean by that is, the grass always looks greener and cleaner on the other side, tend to your own lawn, feed it and watch it grow.  Bask in the sunshine of the power that is within you to be whatever it is you put your mind to. 

I want to thank all of you who took the time out to try our products, rave about them and blessing me and the pin-up family every step of the way.  My heart will forever be filled with joy!

Five ingredients you won’t find in Pin Up Lip Balms:

  • parabens
  • petrochemicals, or
  • artificial colors
  • artificial flavor
  • artificial preservatives

What you will find in Pin Up Lip balms are 5 natural ingredients certified as such by Organic and Parve-kosher vendors.   So what is the big deal about all-natural, cruelty free, no chemicals added cosmetics, why should you care? The list is endless.


Beeswax contains high levels of potassium which naturally preserves the lip balm from becoming rancid and also has wonderful healing properties. We love using beeswax as a thickening agent, it is our “natural” emulsifier.Its softening, emollient and soothingIt’s innate properties helps skin retain moisture.

– No Parabens or Preservatives. We’re not jumping on that train, if we wanted our lip balms to sit on shelves for till E.T. comes back maybe we would consider adding some preservatives.  Although they really have yet to prove that Parabens and such don’t harm us, we at Pin-up Balm aren’t willing to take that chance.

– No petroleum based ingredients.  Okay maybe grandma thought it was a good idea back in the day, but even she stopped using the stuff when given a choice of some good old fashion expressed oil to the impenetrable solid.  Petroleum definitely has its uses but not in our formula.

– No Animal Testing. Why would you want to test on poor defenseless animals when there are plenty of ex’s available?  Seriously, a formula like ours goes through the rigors of lab testing but animal testing is not one of the avenues we choose.

Our concept was simple.  Yes, that’s what it was K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Smarty.  It has been our personal experience that sometimes smart people make the silliest mistakes – so we go for the simple button – I don’t think Staples has made one for us yet.  We didn’t say it was going to be easy but we have proven that we can do it simply put – simple.  You can order your Pin-up Balm K.I.S.S. shirt early 2009.

Life is simply beautiful, when you keep it simple. 


Green Options with Pin Up Lip Balm

Green Options with Pin Up Lip Balm

Who could ask for anything more? – Wenona Napolitano (love the ice cream and the city of Naples) has officially placed Pin-up Balm on the “Green Gift List”.  Being a writer is definitely a tough job and then add searching out “environmentally sound” products to the list.  Wenona makes it look like an effortless task. 


Yes, fans the “Green” craze has taken effect, and has hit an all-time high (no-pun intended) in my long list of century buzz words, let’s add organic toeh mix and make it really explosive. 

Some advertisers make it look like they’re doing you a favor like “it’s made with all-white chicken meat” well what in carnation were you feeding us before then?  We couldn’t agree more with Feel Good Style’s sense of Beauty with Integrity – it’s your choice don’t let them make it for you.

Enough of my rantings – head on over to Feel Good Style with Wenona’s recommendation of Pin-up Balms for stuffing your stocking this season.

About Wenona.  Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 2 to 17. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.  Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun and Today’s Creative Home Arts magazines as well as numerous online sites including,,, eHow, Associated Content, and

Emily is a contributing editor for and this week she’s given the  BC Scoop on Pin Up Balm in this latest review of our lip balms.  I can definitely sympthize on the children chasing escapade, except I’m a jogging level now.

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Boutique Cafe is the world’s first boutique podcast for moms and momprenuers on the go. Our weekly shows feature all things boutique & inspired, highlighting topics of interest to fashion-savvy moms and momprenuers around the world (shopping, celebrities, women in business, parenting, organization, fashion and much more). Our goal is to give today’s woman a break from reality, and voila, inspire her for when she returns.

Here in Southern California – we truly emobdy the traditional spirit of the beach life.  Surfer’s Garage in San Clemente, California’s – (Hey Ryan (Ryan Sheckler, that is) idea of a laidback and flowing lifestyle that lives in harmony with both environment and achievement is what life in Southern Cali is all about.  They know that surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding is not just a sport it is a lifestyle.

Surfer’s Garage is now that place to get your Pin-Up Glam on! Remember our products contain a natural sunscreen in the avocado oil, but please be sure to use added protection from the sun’s UV rays, even on a cloudy day

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Bionic Beautys Take on Pin Up Lip Balm

Bionic Beauty's Take on Pin Up Lip Balm

Wow – is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder – who beholds your beauty?  We believe that you should be your biggest fan and Bionic Beauty gave us the platform to express just that.  Head on over to Jami’s fantastic montage of beauty and makeup tips and recommendations tried and true.  She’s one fantastic Pin-up girl doing one super fantastic job at bringing this all to you in forum that is open, welcoming and absolutely right on!


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Well here i was thinking the other day, where would I be without the bees?  One of the ingredients in our fabulous lip balm is beeswax direct from the California and Pacific Northwest apiaries.  It’s golden color, and sweet scent when melted are absolutely mesmerizing.   Interestingly enough whenever we start production, we have a few bee visitors trying to check out the meltdown process.

I can not wait for the Secret Life of Bees to  hit the screen October 17th.  I read the novel by Sue Monk Kidd, about two years ago, it’s a long one but I just couldn’t put it down.  The author wraps you in her world but you don’t go unwillingly.  The symbolism is intense and as a reader you identify with so many of the interweaving threads that form the amazing foundation of this novel in the development of the characters and their separate but equal journeys. 

I loved the references to the Black Madonna, growing up in a Polish parish, Our Lady of Częstochowa was a symbol I greatly identified with, and honey, Honey who doesn’t love honey. We had to have an 8 x 8 foot section of a party wall removed in a townhome that we once lived in because a colony of honey bees decided to move in and not split the mortgage with us. The honeycomb that was removed was absolutely breathtaking, nature’s architects. The bees were not harmed in the removal process, John of Adkins Bee Service is a true professional, he was able to feel the bees through the drywall and pinned their exact location with the touch of his hand. Check out the Adkins gallery.

In an article by Rita Williams included is the following section of an interview with Sue Monk Kidd:

“”Why write about these black women when you’re white?” I asked her.

“Because I grew up surrounded by black women. I feel they are like hidden royalty dwelling among us, and we need to rupture our old assumptions and develop the willingness to see them as they are,” she replied. When I asked her to tell me the origin of this story, she grew pensive, closing her dark eyes almost as if she were meditating.

“As a girl, I lived in a country house where at least 50,000 bees hived within the walls of one of our shut-off rooms,” she said. “When I went in there, I could hear humming-honey leaking through the wall and puddling on the floor. That image stayed with me for years before I decided to write it. And then when I finally did begin, I was told it might sell as a short story but not as a novel. I sold the short story…. But it wouldn’t let me go. Four years later, I had to go back and write the novel.”

The girls and I will be the first on line to enjoy this movie and I am so glad you went and re-wrote that short story Ms. Kidd – it’s a story that needed to be told and one we will definitely pass down from this generation to the next.

Send us a scan of your movie ticket and when you buy one lip balm, you’ll get our Honey-Do lip balm free!

It’s just crazy to know that hip-hop legend and mogul Mr. Russell Simmons and I were born on the same day, Janis Joplin.  October 4th – a very special day.

My favorite architect Le Corbusier was born on Oct 6th, and yes much love to Gwen Stefani (Oct 3rd), Donna Karan, Sting, Lorrain Bracco, Annie Leibovitz, Phil Oakey (don’t you want me), Kelly Ripa, Proof, Freddie Jackson, I’ve decided to blog out all the libras -well the October ones anyway.  Maybe I’ll have a Libra convention one day – what an energy field that would be.

Even though I would like to claim that day as just being MY day – I share it with an amazing group of wonderful people, some in the limelight some in their own limelight like me.  So Happy birthday to Rutherford Hayes (the 19th President of the United States) Charlton Heston (riding that chariot – Ben Hur – NRA), Jackie Collins (love your books girlfriend), Anne Rice – (New Orlean’s own & my favorite vampire novelist), Susan Sarandon (you smart cookie snatched up Tim Robbins), Armand Asante (a votre sante!), Jon Secada (have all your CDs), Alicia Silverstone – (girlfriend you are definitely “not” clueless – but you made it look soooo fabulous), Afrika Bambatta (where would I be without the Soul Sonic Force – it’s the big bow wow…), Ghandi, and last but not least Happy Birthday Mr. Russell Simmons, we’re going to have lunch one day – you just haven’t called yet to confirm, 877-597-4687.  I’ll pick you up from the airport – Carlsbad is better than San Diego.

As a kid I always thought that I would someday rule the world and in my own special way – I do rule the world – it’s wonderful to never lose that sense of imagination.

Red Sox Mommy is Natalie, a self-proclaimed lip balm junkie, who is in my opinion running the toughest job in the world,  a stay at home mom using her bachelors degree in psychology to understand her husband and 2 daughters.   Natalie’s a libra just like me (Happy Birthday!) but sorry this Brooklyn girl’s gotta back NY when it comes to baseball, or football for that matter.  Check out all the wonderful product and company recommendations on her blog and read Natalie’s review on Pin Up Lip Balm.