Pin Up Lip Balm

All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

Mom finds lip balmMomAnne noted Pin Up Lip Balms as a “flavorful lip balm under $5.00 worth trying”. Read more on which lip balm is her favorite flavor!

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New Obession - Pin Up Lip BalmLip Balm Glamour’s New Obsesh (Translation = Obsession) is definitely Pin Up Lip Balm, we’ve stepped up the beauty platform in providing an all-natural fun, sexy, sassy product at a price less than a gallon of gas these days.

Nicole believes in “All Glamour, All the Time” – read what she thinks of Pin up lip Balm in this review.

Group review Pin Up Lip BalmWow a group review of Pin up Lip Balm – now that’s a first!

Emily – Love that Lemonade Pin Up Lip Balm

Andi – Voluptuous Vanilla Pin Up Lip Balm

Izzy – Raspberry Rapture Pin Up Lip Balm

Gidge – Citrus Punch Pin Up Lip Balm

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Best of all are the natural ingredients which deliver the moisture. I can guarantee that when my tin runs out, I will head over to purchase another. They are reasonably priced at $4 and compared to more expensive items I have purchased before, Pin Up Lip Balm is much more effective at protecting my lips. – by Emily

I love that it is all natural and the Vanilla I had smelled great. It wasn’t really gooey, but some of you hard core Carmex users may think it’s not thick enough…I think that even if you didn’t use lip balm yourself this would totally be worth purchasing as a gift. It would make you seem cool and it would make them happy too! – by Andi

Overall, I did like the lip balm sample that I received and how it felt on my lips. As a lip balm enthusiast I can assure you I will probably use it until it’s all gone. – by Izzy

I was so impressed with this product that I was literally cajoling other girls into trying it. Everyone had the same response and they loved it immediately. – by Gidge

People Magazine Style WatchOur Stylewatch friends at definitely know something good when they see it and they love trying anything that can pretty up that pout with a little sass.  Bella Sugar passed on the tip and we can all agree that although some may have made the lip balm nothing very fabulous we have made it downright glamorous.

Hey Dollface Beauty BlogHey Dollface is a blog about makeup, skincare, and beauty.  So after getting the lips up at Bella Sugar, she checked our lip balms out for herself.  Anyone who knows Amber, can attest to the fact that she is a huge fan of retro fashion and anything remotely pin-up themed and we couldn’t be happier to oblige.

Bella BrandBella Sugar recently discovered our Balm-Shell line of vintage lip balms which features the following pin-up lip balm flavors:

  • Raspberry Rapture
  • Love that Lemonade Lip Balm
  • Citrus Punch
  • Mocha Loca Chocolata
  • The Boys Love Coconut
  • Gimme Grape Lip Balm
  • Voluptuous Vanilla, and
  • Peppermint Twist, our 2007 Holiday release

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Check out what Arizona Spa Girls have to say about Pin Up Lip Balm in this product review.

Be BeautifulDo you want to find out how to have full, sexy, delicious lips wearing Pin Up Lip Balm ? Well after reading Alexandra’s Be Beautiful blog – you’ll be armed with knowledge to be beautiful 24/7.  We loved her blog’s tools and inspiration and are proud to be featured in this recent article.