Pin Up Lip Balm

All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

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Alicia's Fashion BloggAlicia’s fashion calls our pin-up lip balms – “sweeet boxes”.  Thank you for the love for Pin Up Lip Balm Sweden!

A sweet little box The sweetest little box is all over Sweden, Michaela writes in her blog – she’s talking about nothing other than our Pin-up lip balms.  They are undeniably cute and functional, now what more could a girl ask for?

Little PeacheSweden can’t get enough of Pin up Balms and neither can Little Peache. So far the lip balms have been making their way around the Swedish retail market and can be found at Sivletto, and Elle Sweden recently featured them in the Beauty section. Thank you Sweden!

Danas Blogg - Pin up lip balmPin up Lip Balm is just thrilled for all the Swedish love we have received – we love it!

Arligt TalatThat’s right, you saw four o’s in the Loooove. Decisions, decisions, Nedas’ blog recommends all 8 Balm Shell lip balms because it is too difficult to just choose one – we completely agree. Tack.

That’s what Elle – Sweden has crowned Pin Up Balms – “A Little Box of Sunshine”, and we couldn’t agree with you more Elle! Pin up Lip Balms make us smile while providing tip top lip nourishment.

Starfish LAStarfish recently launched Pin Up Lip Balm in Germany.  The response has been wonderful, our pin-up balms are making their way to pin-up lovers and natural cosmetic users all over the world.

A Day Care life loves Pin Up Lip BalmHeather recently reviewed Love that Lemonade! Pin up Lip Balm and our Voluptuous Vanilla. We just love reading from our fans that they love the way our balms make their lips feel. We want to give you the very best without breaking the bank. Read more on Heather’s thoughts about her Pin Up Balm picks.