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Chicago South Suburban Chicago South Suburban Woman Newspaper meets The Boys Love Coconut lip balm by Pin-up Balm.

This educational, informational and resourcesful womens mag holds up to its reputation as it brings coconut passion to the ladies of the windy city.

Love Eloise - Pucker UpWe have to agree with Love Eloise – “well-behaved women rarely make history”  so we’ll live vicariously through our Pin-up Collections of enticing balms and let the girls tell it.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Melissa WalkerIt was exciting to be included in Melissa Walkers Violet in Private, (Penguin Group) party gift bag.  Melissa is a wonderful writer who has worked for Ellegirl and Seventeen and lives where I was born, Brooklyn!

I get to say Happy Birthday to my neice Lauren (lolo) who’ll be getting the Violet collection for her birthday present.

Seeking Designers They say that one person can make a difference – well we are sure going to try and do our part to benefit womens economic independence.  Maybe the reason lies in that we understand the plight of starting a new venture without the support that is so crucial for success.  I can’t think of a reason why not.

Help us eliminate the divide, purchase a Believe in You lip balm with your next Pin-up order.

The Pin-up Diaries We love Retro model Sari – the German pin-up girl and and we felt the love back in this latest entry in The Pin-up Diaries.

All Made UpMay Globus is a fabulous fashion, beauty, & lifestyle editor that definitely loves her lip gloss. Her blogs will give you a new dimension into the world of beauty.  You will find cult faves, niche brands and the classics in this diverse beauty boutique for all you die-hard fashion-product junkies – it’s a good thing.

JulieB - Beauty PicksJuli B definitely has a no problem describing “Cali’s” golden state. Here in southern Cali we’re reaching prime summer days with surfers hitting the waves and not an unclaimed grain of sand on our awesome beaches. Juli b gives you a “few beauty picks to help you stay classy, San Diego.”

Pin Up Balm has pledged to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the Sale of the Believe in You! Green Tea Flavored Pin-up Lip Balm to the Count Me In Organization. put the call out and we answered, says Pin-up Balm. The Count Me In Foundation is changing the way that women do business, as a woman, daughter, mother, wife and girlfriend with four daughters of my own, it is important that I make a difference by supporting this movement. It’s a hand up, not a hand out and we are definitely up with to the challenge.

Believe in You! Green Tea Lip BalmGreen tea’s healing properties are just being discovered in the world today. This is what inspired our Believe in You! Green Tea flavored Lip Balm.

We want to contribute to women’s economic independence. The power of your voice needs to be heard. We believe the power of one can make a difference – will you stand up and join us? We have tremendous faith in the power that we possess to effect change.

Count Me In, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, champions women’s entrepreneurship and economic independence. Dedicated to increasing women’s access to credit and capital, the organization provides online nationwide access to micro business loans, business consultation and education to women who have been turned down or discouraged by commercial financial institutions.

Believe in You! lip balm will be available for sale September 1st – go ahead and pre-order. For the mothers and women fighting for better days to come – here’s to you…Check out Alicia Key’s Superwoman

Lip Balm for men? Interestingly enough there have been many inquiries requesting lip balm for men. We say Pin-up lip balm for all. Coconut Lip BalmThe Boys Love Coconut lip balm has been a favorite of our male fanbase from its inception, hence the label.  Andrew K. of San Diego recently wrote in raving about our Coconut lip balm.  Andrew, an active surfer, golfer and all-around outdoor guy, attests to the protective moisturizing qualities of Pin-up lip balm without that greasy, heavy feeling. As soon as his pix arrives, we’ll post so you can see for yourself, okay it doesn’t hurt that he is as good looking as his lips are – Thanks Andrew!