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It’s just crazy to know that hip-hop legend and mogul Mr. Russell Simmons and I were born on the same day, Janis Joplin.  October 4th – a very special day.

My favorite architect Le Corbusier was born on Oct 6th, and yes much love to Gwen Stefani (Oct 3rd), Donna Karan, Sting, Lorrain Bracco, Annie Leibovitz, Phil Oakey (don’t you want me), Kelly Ripa, Proof, Freddie Jackson, I’ve decided to blog out all the libras -well the October ones anyway.  Maybe I’ll have a Libra convention one day – what an energy field that would be.

Even though I would like to claim that day as just being MY day – I share it with an amazing group of wonderful people, some in the limelight some in their own limelight like me.  So Happy birthday to Rutherford Hayes (the 19th President of the United States) Charlton Heston (riding that chariot – Ben Hur – NRA), Jackie Collins (love your books girlfriend), Anne Rice – (New Orlean’s own & my favorite vampire novelist), Susan Sarandon (you smart cookie snatched up Tim Robbins), Armand Asante (a votre sante!), Jon Secada (have all your CDs), Alicia Silverstone – (girlfriend you are definitely “not” clueless – but you made it look soooo fabulous), Afrika Bambatta (where would I be without the Soul Sonic Force – it’s the big bow wow…), Ghandi, and last but not least Happy Birthday Mr. Russell Simmons, we’re going to have lunch one day – you just haven’t called yet to confirm, 877-597-4687.  I’ll pick you up from the airport – Carlsbad is better than San Diego.

As a kid I always thought that I would someday rule the world and in my own special way – I do rule the world – it’s wonderful to never lose that sense of imagination.

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