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Well here i was thinking the other day, where would I be without the bees?  One of the ingredients in our fabulous lip balm is beeswax direct from the California and Pacific Northwest apiaries.  It’s golden color, and sweet scent when melted are absolutely mesmerizing.   Interestingly enough whenever we start production, we have a few bee visitors trying to check out the meltdown process.

I can not wait for the Secret Life of Bees to  hit the screen October 17th.  I read the novel by Sue Monk Kidd, about two years ago, it’s a long one but I just couldn’t put it down.  The author wraps you in her world but you don’t go unwillingly.  The symbolism is intense and as a reader you identify with so many of the interweaving threads that form the amazing foundation of this novel in the development of the characters and their separate but equal journeys. 

I loved the references to the Black Madonna, growing up in a Polish parish, Our Lady of Częstochowa was a symbol I greatly identified with, and honey, Honey who doesn’t love honey. We had to have an 8 x 8 foot section of a party wall removed in a townhome that we once lived in because a colony of honey bees decided to move in and not split the mortgage with us. The honeycomb that was removed was absolutely breathtaking, nature’s architects. The bees were not harmed in the removal process, John of Adkins Bee Service is a true professional, he was able to feel the bees through the drywall and pinned their exact location with the touch of his hand. Check out the Adkins gallery.

In an article by Rita Williams included is the following section of an interview with Sue Monk Kidd:

“”Why write about these black women when you’re white?” I asked her.

“Because I grew up surrounded by black women. I feel they are like hidden royalty dwelling among us, and we need to rupture our old assumptions and develop the willingness to see them as they are,” she replied. When I asked her to tell me the origin of this story, she grew pensive, closing her dark eyes almost as if she were meditating.

“As a girl, I lived in a country house where at least 50,000 bees hived within the walls of one of our shut-off rooms,” she said. “When I went in there, I could hear humming-honey leaking through the wall and puddling on the floor. That image stayed with me for years before I decided to write it. And then when I finally did begin, I was told it might sell as a short story but not as a novel. I sold the short story…. But it wouldn’t let me go. Four years later, I had to go back and write the novel.”

The girls and I will be the first on line to enjoy this movie and I am so glad you went and re-wrote that short story Ms. Kidd – it’s a story that needed to be told and one we will definitely pass down from this generation to the next.

Send us a scan of your movie ticket and when you buy one lip balm, you’ll get our Honey-Do lip balm free!

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